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Vertical Industry Selling – It’s Not Just for the Fortune 500

You CAN Align Your Team To Be More Successful Without Breaking the Budget!

This post was written by Marlene Eeg, President of Tempo Resources who is leading this pres

entation at the Summit. Maureen has 25+ years experience in direct selling, sales management, and process consulting.

My growing technology clients are often challenged with how to expand their vertical industry Marketing efforts to include their sales, technical presales and delivery teams. Today’s customers are more sophisticated and want to work with experts with industry knowledge throughout the sales, delivery and support process. And, they want more value from what they are purchasing.

At the same time, small and medium size businesses do not always have the resources to have industry experts in every industry they support. Today’s marketing and sales expense budgets are not typically over-filled with available funds or have excessive time to over-haul the sales model or change the sales team members.

So, how does a small to medium or large organization create a change in their selling approach to be more competitive and win more clients from their vertical industries? Small, but laser focus changes can produce significant improvements to win more business with more customers.

In the upcoming ISA Marketing & Sales Summit presentation entitled “Industry Focused Selling and Delivery Collaboration Produces more Effective Results”

We will discuss some examples on how this can be done efficiently and without a larger budget. The discussion will include vertical industry focus, changes in process and tools for better team collaboration, and how to deliver increased value to your customers.

Attend this session at the ISA Marketing & Sales Summit to join the discussion and learn more!

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