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Building Detailed Marketing Profiles to Drive Better Sales

Scott Sommer and I gave this presentation during the Summit on Thursday afternoon. We had a blast, and enjoyed the interaction we had with the audience. We reviewed a process in which you can begin to think about building more useful information

in your customer profiles such as behavioral information, more qualitative and quantitative details that go beyond our traditional demographics of geography, product type, customer type, industry, etc.. I walked the audience through a campaign example that showed how marketers can use that profile data within a variable data campaign that let’s you customize communications to make a stronger impact. At this point, Scott took the floor and went through the process of what happens when a sales person is at the door of someone who potentially received a “marketing campaign”. He shared some big assumptions that can thwart any good door opening opportunity, and outlined how sales can effectively amplify the messages being shared to increase the resonance. Fortunately, you can see Scott’s presentation below, but my portion of the presentation had some technical difficulties and was not captured in this download.

Let us know your thoughts, do you agree? Disagree?

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Watch Scott’s portion of the presentation:

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