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Webinar: The “Other” Solution Launch: Preparing Sales to Sell A New Solution

Webinar Proceedings Now Available:

Topic: The “Other” Solution Launch: Preparing Sales to Sell A New Solution
By: Matt Leary, Solutions Insights and Dr. Peter Martin, Invensys

Date: Thursday, Januray 31, 2013
Time: 12:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time (New York)
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Many marketing departments have elaborate plans and fine-tuned processes to introduce a new solution to the marketplace. But they often neglect an equally-important activity that requires the same level of strategy, preparation and follow-up: the launch a new solution to partners and direct sales. In this webinar, Matt Leary, Principal with Solutions Insights, will discuss the steps and governing principles critical for enabling partners and direct sales to successfully sell a new solution. He will be joined by Peter Martin, Ph.D., Vice President and Invensys Fellow at Invensys Operations Management, who will present real-world examples of activities and lessons learned when his company launched a new solution to a product-focused sales team.

Solutions Insights, Inc. (SI) is a consulting and training company that helps B2B firms develop, market and sell solutions that provide tangible business value to customers through the integration of products, services and intellectual capital. SI’s client list includes leading firms in IT, telecom, industrial automation, manufacturing and professional services. For more information: www.solutionsinsights.com <http://www.solutionsinsights.com> .
MattLeary-SolutionsInsightsMatt Leary, Principal
An expert in solutions development, management, and sales, Matt has spent the last 15 years helping leading technology companies improve performance in market strategy and planning, services and solutions development, sales enablement and impact.Prior to Solutions Insight, Matt was Vice President of Business Development for commercial partnership activities at a Boston-area technology start-up. Previously, he was Director of Member Engagement at ITSMA, where he managed several of ITSMA’s industry segments and developed custom research, consulting, and training programs for a wide variety of leading technology firms.Before joining ITSMA in 2000, Matt helped create and manage the custom marketing programs group for Horizon House Publications, publisher of Telecommunications Magazine. He began his technology marketing and sales management career directing the activities of a niche outbound call center. Matt holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from the University of Chicago. He is currently a Senior Associate at ITSMA.

Peter MartinPeter Martin, Ph.D.

Peter Martin, Ph.D, Vice President and Invensys Fellow at Invensys Operations Management in Foxboro, Massachusetts. Dr. Martin joined The Foxboro Company in the 1970s and has worked in a variety of positions in training, engineering, product planning, and marketing and strategic planning. He left Foxboro to become Vice President at Intech Controls and also at Automation Research Corporation before returning to Invensys in 1996. Since his return he has been VP of Marketing for Foxboro and Chief Marketing Officer for Invensys Manufacturing and Process Systems prior to moving into his current position.

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Big Data Challenge: Transforming the Sales Approach From Reactive Selling to Demand Shaping

Join us at the Summit for this presentation by Radhika Subramanian and Kate Laneve.

What’s all the hype around big data? In a recent study, CapGemini reported that leveraging Big Data to solve business problems Internet-Based Business

>will deliver 41% improvement in overall business performance over the next three years. However, most companies are still struggling to figure out how to leverage this data.

Discover how product and marketing managers can tap the power of pattern-based analytics to improve visibility across the product line based on customer buying patterns. The analysis of product data – along with sales, revenue and cost information – improves strategic decision-making because it reveals exactly which configurations customers are actually buying, highly popular feature combinations by segment, and then automatically optimizes the product mix to satisfy the demand most profitably.

Sales and marketing managers can discover how they can leverage these optimal configurations to boost sales, bundle and promote products and services as well as reduce lead times. Leveraging big data to sense and shape demand is already serving as a major competitive advantage for companies in manufacturing, telecommunications, retail and distribution. To see how it’s being deployed across departmental silos, Radhika Subramanian, founder and CEO of Emcien and Kate Laneve Director of Sales Operations for NCR will jointly present a case study that demonstrates how Emcien’s patented pattern-based analytics solutions enabled NCR to break down the functional silos across sales, product management and operations in order to convert Big Data into actionable intelligence. As a result, NCR realized a 25-percent increase in lead-to-win conversion, a 20 percent- reduction in length of sales cycle, and a 33-percent faster quote-to-cash cycle.


Radhika Subramanian is currently CEO of Emcien. She has nearly 20 years of experience helping large, sophisticated organizations optimize their business processes and achieve greater success. She is a leading expert regarding the impact of product complexity on the supply chain and has consulted with numerous Fortune 500 companies to reduce complexity in their organizations. In 1998, she co-founded Idmon Corporation, which specialized in analytical applications for the transportation industry. Idmon was funded by Cordova Ventures and Imlay Investments, and its launch customers were Delta Air Lines, Continental Airlines and South African Airways. The company was sold to Swissair Group in 2001.

Kate Laneve is the Director of Sales Operations for NCR Corporations’
Global Sales team has over 30 years experience in developing innovative approaches to improving sales productivity. Currently, her primary responsibility is to ensure full sales enablement through the deployment
of effective and efficient training, tools and processes.

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Global Marketing Session at the Summit

 Marcus Tennant and Kyoko Fukuda of Yokogawa will talk about marketing after a disaster and Pieter van der Klooster of Optimis  will discuss a case study of product marketing at ISA.

Marketing after a Disaster

Over the past 10 years there have been several tragic natural disasters that have occurred throughout the world. As the global economy becomes more connected through supply chains and information, what role does marketing have in helping customers and other stakeholders affected by the disaster?   This presentation will discuss how Yokogawa responded to customers impacted by the Tohoku earthquake & tsunami.  They will give examples of how marketing groups in companies like Home Depot and Wal-Mart take action before and after a disaster and suggest ways marketing, communication and even sales can help an organization respond to a crisis and help customers and employees.


Global Marketing Meets New Marketing

A Case Study in Product Marketing at ISA

This presentation will discuss an example of targeting global customers by using an ISA standard as a brand.  Several years ago it was decided to bring the ISA standards into attention of the global market. Websites were built for some of the standards. A good example is www.ISA-95.com.   On Google this website is always on the first page when someone searches for ISA-95. Visitors can download some information. When you want to download more detailed information you have to become a free ISA-95 member by registration on the website. Several of these types of members from all over the world sign up every day.  This has resulted in a huge and valuable database with very interesting detailed marketing information.  Some of the data shows which verticals are interested in ISA-95 and how this standard is adopted e.g. in India and China.  Be at the forefront of adapting innovative new marketing concepts, improve them and manage to get them out of the lab into the real world.

About the Presenters

Marcus Tennant has been with Yokogawa Corporation since December 2008 as a Principal Systems Architect.  Prior to Yokogawa, Marcus was employed at Rockwell Automation for 10 years as a Product Manager and Application Engineer. Prior to that, he was with Morton International for 10 years holding various positions in Process Development, Project Engineering, and Q.A. and with Jones-Blair Company for 5 years as an R&D Chemist and Process Engineer. Marcus has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University and an M.S. in Operations and Technology Management from the Stuart School of Business at Illinois Institute of Technology.  He is a member of AIChE, ACS (American Chemical Society) and ISA.

Kyoko Fukuda has 15 years experience in global sales activities for industrial automation mainly in the Asia Pacific and the EU..  She has 10 years experience in the power supply business with HP, CISCO and Aglient and 4 years of product marketing. She is currently a member of the Process Automation Product Marketing department at Yokogawa headquarters in Tokoyo and a member of the global strategic business marketing committee and the information-initiative working group for web and inbound marketing.

Pieter Van der Klooster founded his company, Optimis about 1 year ago. Prior to founding Optimis, he focused his 30-year professional career in sales, marketing, and general management to several industrial automation and process control companies. Mr. van der Klooster was also founder and CEO of Promatic, a Netherlands based international provider of Siemens automation solutions to the European industry. Prior to joining Promatic, he was a Division Director of one of the largest Siemens System Integrators in Europe. Currently, he is also a Director of ISA, responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa.   Mr. van der Klooster holds a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Electrical Engineering, a BS Ed, and BS in Business Administration from Fontys University-Eindhoven, and a degree in Industrial Marketing from Erasmus University-Rotterdam.

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This topic will be presented by at the Summit by Maurice Velasquez and John Sherk of Team RealWorld

There are key mistakes that keep you from selling more. This presentation will tell you what mistakes you make during all phases of


e sale. There are mistakes that you can avoid prior to the initial call, during the initial call, during the initial meeting, after the initial meeting and in the closing process. You will learn how to avoid those mistakes and sell more.

First of all, have you assessed your skills and talents to determine if you should be in sales? Not everyone should be. Maybe you do have the skills and talents, but do you know where you are the strongest and what areas you need to work on? Do you have a game plan? Do you have a daily routine and does it really work? Do you know that your customers have different personality types and that there is a way to sell to each one of them? Join us at the Summit and find the answers to these questions and many more.


About Maurice Velasquez

Maurice is currently the President of Real World, which he founded in 2008. In 1989 Maurice became the Project Development Manager for Fifth Generation Systems, a world-wide leader in the software industry. In 1994 he launched a Computer Services Academy and developed over 75 manuals and workshops to help clients with technological efficiency and software solutions. In 2003 he became the Director of Sales with a team of over 200 salespersons in several states. He grew the operations over 60% in 4 years with effective programs, training skills and organizational processes. Since 1994, Maurice has worked with hundreds of small and mid-size companies and helped thousands of professionals and leaders become more effective individually and with their teams. His approach is effective and the tools he provides are innovative and tailored to meet the specific needs of his clients. He develops training programs that are effective and measurable. His approach to training is engaging, lively and inspirational.

Maurice resides in Baton Rouge, LA with Leah, his wife of 17 years and their 3 children. An entrepreneur at heart, he has launched and managed successful training companies, a private classical school and is the Jr. Warden of the church he and his family attend. He is an avid soccer player, movie buff and he enjoys music, history and classical education. You may contact Maurice at [email protected] or 225-772-4357.


About John Sherk

John is currently the Director of Metrics and Measurements for Team Real World. John works with executives, boards and directors on strategic development, board development, leading change, sales development and people skill dynamics to help them build effective change management and financial stability. He is a dynamic facilitator and bottom-line driven. He is also CFO and oversees all aspects dealing with growth, finances, strategy and systems.

John is the president of Fundraising Wisdom and is dedicated to helping non-profut organizations raise funds and improve their capital. He currently resides in Baton Rouge. You may contact John at [email protected] or 225-772-4357.

Team Real World helps clients grow and improve their workplace culture and performance by training them how to work better together with effective tools and processes so they reach their common goals and values.

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