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Global Marketing Session at the Summit

 Marcus Tennant and Kyoko Fukuda of Yokogawa will talk about marketing after a disaster and Pieter van der Klooster of Optimis  will discuss a case study of product marketing at ISA.

Marketing after a Disaster

Over the past 10 years there have been several tragic natural disasters that have occurred throughout the world. As the global economy becomes more connected through supply chains and information, what role does marketing have in helping customers and other stakeholders affected by the disaster?   This presentation will discuss how Yokogawa responded to customers impacted by the Tohoku earthquake & tsunami.  They will give examples of how marketing groups in companies like Home Depot and Wal-Mart take action before and after a disaster and suggest ways marketing, communication and even sales can help an organization respond to a crisis and help customers and employees.


Global Marketing Meets New Marketing

A Case Study in Product Marketing at ISA

This presentation will discuss an example of targeting global customers by using an ISA standard as a brand.  Several years ago it was decided to bring the ISA standards into attention of the global market. Websites were built for some of the standards. A good example is www.ISA-95.com.   On Google this website is always on the first page when someone searches for ISA-95. Visitors can download some information. When you want to download more detailed information you have to become a free ISA-95 member by registration on the website. Several of these types of members from all over the world sign up every day.  This has resulted in a huge and valuable database with very interesting detailed marketing information.  Some of the data shows which verticals are interested in ISA-95 and how this standard is adopted e.g. in India and China.  Be at the forefront of adapting innovative new marketing concepts, improve them and manage to get them out of the lab into the real world.

About the Presenters

Marcus Tennant has been with Yokogawa Corporation since December 2008 as a Principal Systems Architect.  Prior to Yokogawa, Marcus was employed at Rockwell Automation for 10 years as a Product Manager and Application Engineer. Prior to that, he was with Morton International for 10 years holding various positions in Process Development, Project Engineering, and Q.A. and with Jones-Blair Company for 5 years as an R&D Chemist and Process Engineer. Marcus has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan State University and an M.S. in Operations and Technology Management from the Stuart School of Business at Illinois Institute of Technology.  He is a member of AIChE, ACS (American Chemical Society) and ISA.

Kyoko Fukuda has 15 years experience in global sales activities for industrial automation mainly in the Asia Pacific and the EU..  She has 10 years experience in the power supply business with HP, CISCO and Aglient and 4 years of product marketing. She is currently a member of the Process Automation Product Marketing department at Yokogawa headquarters in Tokoyo and a member of the global strategic business marketing committee and the information-initiative working group for web and inbound marketing.

Pieter Van der Klooster founded his company, Optimis about 1 year ago. Prior to founding Optimis, he focused his 30-year professional career in sales, marketing, and general management to several industrial automation and process control companies. Mr. van der Klooster was also founder and CEO of Promatic, a Netherlands based international provider of Siemens automation solutions to the European industry. Prior to joining Promatic, he was a Division Director of one of the largest Siemens System Integrators in Europe. Currently, he is also a Director of ISA, responsible for Europe, Middle East and Africa.   Mr. van der Klooster holds a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Electrical Engineering, a BS Ed, and BS in Business Administration from Fontys University-Eindhoven, and a degree in Industrial Marketing from Erasmus University-Rotterdam.

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Social Media ROI – Piecing Together the Measurement Conundrum

This topic will be presented by Joel Don at the Summit.

The marketing and public relations industry continues to focus on developing solutions to meet the challenge of delivering valid program measurement and proof of ROI. Prior to soci

al media, professionals relied on totaling column inches, estimating media impressions, counting mentions, eyeballs and visits, and proffering the highly controversial (and mostly discounted) advertising equivalency values. These approaches will continue to wane with the ongoing disruption of traditional media channels. The new media revolution coupled with the rapid growth of social platforms, tools and services (many at little or no cost) have ushered a new set of metrics into the ROI equation.

The presentation will review current thinking on measurement, and examine options and challenges to delivering valid social media ROI. From a budget perspective, analytical tools that are low cost or free will be compared to full-blown paid services such as Radian6 and Sysomos. The objective of the presentation is to enable marketing and communications professionals to implement measurement systems or approaches that can help an organization better understand how social media tools and strategies deliver results to the business bottom line. Examples will be offered from well-document ROI cases from large, recognized brands. Perhaps more important, the presentation will cover how lesser known small and medium-sized businesses can scale social media ROI to justify the implementation of customer engagement and conversation strategies.

About Joel Don

Joel Don is principal of Comm Strategies, a public relations and social media marketing consultancy focused on the technology sector. Joel has more than 25 years of experience as a public relations and marketing professional. Before establishing Comm Strategies, he worked in senior-level corporate PR positions as well as in public sector communications work for several campuses of the University of California. He received PR industry recognition developing and implementing a digital solution for measuring the readership of company news distributed via the Internet prior to the advent of today’s link-tracking systems. Prior to his public relations and marketing career, Joel worked as a reporter for daily newspapers in throughout the U.S. and served as a contributing editor for McGraw-Hill computer magazines. He earned a master’s degree in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and literature from the University of California, San Diego.

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Create a Battle Plan Integrating Marketing, Sales, and Social Media (Step-by-Step Instructions for Your Next Marketing Activity)

This topic will be presented at the Summit by Doug Brock

Guerrilla warfare has proven to be an almost impossible obstacle for super powers to overcome on the modern battlefield. Militants that develop and deploy tactics that gain attenti

on, create interest, and build fanatic followers outlast military forces that are superior in numbers. The small militant units use inexpensive weapons and tools to effectively battle far more expensive and technologically advanced weaponry. Developing marketing activities that integrate social media tools and engage your sales force can have the same impact in your marketplace.

Any marketing activity is most effective when it incorporates your whole organization. Integrated plans use social media tools and your sales team as force multipliers. Learn how to educate your sales force on what your marketing goals are and then gain their buy-in and help in deploying the message in the field.

Marketing managers, sales managers, and business owners will learn how to develop a plan that engages and utilizes all your customer facing resources in your next activity. The presentation includes step-by-step instructions for developing and deploying a plan for your next marketing activity that incorporates LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, and other content. Attendees will leave the presentation with ideas on how to create an integrated social media plan from scratch.

Doug Brock is a business development manager with Kendall Electric in Chattanooga, specializing in high-tech industrial products and services. His experience includes a variety of positions in marketing, sales, and performance improvement for sales firms, system integration firms, and wholesale distribution companies. Doug holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tennessee, an MBA from Capella University, and earned Certification as an Inbound Marketing Professional from Hubspot. Doug blogs about Factory Automation, Marketing, and Sales topics at http://www.dougbrock.com.

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Jane Lansing, VP of Marketing at Emerson Process to Keynote Summit

We are happy to announce that Jane Lansing, VP of Marketing at Emerson Process Management will be our keynote speake

r for the 7th Annual Marketing & Sales Summit.

Jane Lansing, Vice-President Marketing, Emerson Process ManagementJane has been leading Emerson Process Management’s Marketing efforts for several years, and we are happy to have her back as a keynote for the Summit. Jane keynoted our very first ISA Marketing & Sales Summit back in 2005. She was so personable and had some great insights about the industry and common challenges around marketing technical products. We look forward to having her back.

About Jane Lansing

30 years in the process automation business: 9 years as a software engineer and project manager, designing and executing process automation projects; 21 years with Emerson in various technical and commercial marketing positions. Prior to current position spent 4 years overseas as Systems Marketing Director, Europe. Currently responsible for Emerson Process Management marketing, including brand management, cross-divisional marketing coordination, and PlantWeb Marketing of products and solutions across all Emerson divisions globally. BSCE, University of Minnesota, 1976.

Other interests: Cross-cultural business consultant, Window on the World/FCI; Produced #1 selling musical comedy in 2003 Minnesota Theatre Festival; Mentor, Mentium 100; Volunteer ESL tutor (English as a second language); Languages: Spanish and Dutch.

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