TACTIC – 6 steps to great engineering marketing content

This post authored by John Hayes originally appeared in the Digital Marketing for Engineers blog.

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nkedin.com/groups/Digital-Marketing-Engineers-2780148?gid=2780148&trk=hb_side_g” target=”_blank”>LinkedIn group “Digital Marketing for Engineers” came up with “TACTIC” a catchy acronym for the 6 steps to creating great content. Without his help we would have been stuck with TAWIME, PATSEM or AGAKME.

Here are 6 steps to creating great marketing content for engineers:

1. T – Target. Identify your target audience for this particular piece of content. You may have lots of prospects within your target companies, but to make a good piece of content, you will have to decide exactly who to speak to.

2. A- Action. Decide what action you want people to take after they consume this content. Do you want people to download your software, request a quote, visit a web page, share your stories?

3. C – Care. Name a few things that your target audience cares about other than your product. What does their work demand of them? You might have to ask.

4. T – Twist. Find a way to twist what your target audience Cares about (Step 3) together with the Action (Step 2) you want them to take. This is the hard part, but if you can do it, you win.

 5. I – Instrument. Decide on which media instruments you will use. Often your decision in step 4 will mandate that the content be delivered a certain way, such as through a video or a white paper. Other times you’ll have the freedom to match the way your audience is easiest to reach.

6. C – Catchy. Add some entertainment. Catchiness can come in the form of humor, drama, or engaging presenters. You won’t debase your brand by being interesting.

If you have any other acronym ideas, please post them in the comments. Retweets and shares are most appreciated.

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