Jane Lansing, Vice President of Marketing for Emerson will share her view of Plantlandia during the opening Keynote session of the Summit.

“Plantlandia – are you prepared? Things are shifting every day in business. Plant personnel are

experiencing heavy knowledge loss as more seasoned employees are retiring. How do we help our customers face this loss? And how does it affect marketing and sales?

Compounding that, we have younger personnel emerging on the scene. They do things differently, including the way they buy products, consult their peers, and use social networks. They live off their smart phones, don’t like picking up a phone and they aren’t committed to the 20-year relationships of their predecessors. Old style marketing and sales will not work with this new audience…”

So begins Lansing’s abstract. In her eye-opening keynote address, she will share how marketing and sales professionals can thrive in this new world, navigate the new language of Plantlandese, and put us on the right path to succeed for our respective companies.

“It’s a new and exciting world…do you speak Plantlandese?”


Jane Lansing, Vice-President Marketing, Emerson Process ManagementAbout Jane Lansing

30 years in the process automation business: 9 years as a software engineer and project manager, designing and executing process automation projects; 21 years with Emerson in various technical and commercial marketing positions. Prior to current position spent 4 years overseas as Systems Marketing Director, Europe. Currently responsible for Emerson Process Management marketing, including brand management, cross-divisional marketing coordination, and PlantWeb Marketing of products and solutions across all Emerson divisions globally. BSCE, University of Minnesota, 1976.

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