Industry Focused Selling and Delivery Collaboration Produces More Effective Results

This topic will be presented at the ISA Marketing and Sales Seminar by Marlene Eeg of Tempo Resources, Inc.

Selling to specific regulatory or industries can post greater challenges to the Sales, Marketing, Implementation and Support teams to be su

ccessful with their customers. As the economy now begins to improve, a new readiness and more industry focused sales process is needed to meet specific customer needs that involve technology solutions. Software and hardware companies who provide automation equipment, shop floor hardware or software systems find the need to be flexible and creative when obtaining that initial project scope of work based on economic conditions. However, to be more successful in vertical industries such as discrete manufacturing in Aerospace, Military, Electronic or Contract Manufacturing, there is a need to differentiate and demonstrate industry specific capabilities. This requires a strong collaboration between the pre-sales and post-sales support teams. No longer will a single sales process or generic marketing plan work for each industry.
This discussion will focus on how this collaboration with best practices for specific industries can improve your effectiveness with new customers and projects. Creating a process framework designed for pre-sales and project delivery collaboration will be discussed, as well as how you can tailor your process to specific industries. Selling to the discrete industry will be a focus, but any organization selling to regulatory businesses can benefit from this discussion.
Strategies on how to align your solution with your target industry customers and some tactics on how to utilize your sales and technical teams to be more effective in the sales process will be discussed. This includes how to use your industry expertise not only to win a new customer and order, but develop customer partner relationships. Learn about some additional best practices using proven examples on how other technology companies have increased the presales options to win entry-level size projects and create a plan for longer-term projects or expansions.

About Marlene

Marlene is the President and CEO of Tempo Resources. She has over 25 years experience in Marketing, Direct Sales, Sales Management, and Industry Leadership with industrial software and hardware solutions, including Rockwell Automation, Siemens, and others. She started a consulting business (Tempo Resources) 5+ years ago to help technology organizations improve their sales process and provide hands-on sales leadership to improve business development, sales strategy, process development and team training. Marlene is a long-time member and supporter of the ISA organization. You can contact Marlene by: Telephone: Toll free +1 877 207 3801 Email: [email protected] Mailing Address: 230 Big Water Drive Vonore, TN 37885 Website:

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