Keynote Speakers

We are pleased to announce our keynote speakers for the 6th Annual ISA Marketing & Sales Summit:

Peter MartinPeter Martin, Ph.D., Vice President and Invensys Fellow
Invensys Operations Management, Foxboro, MA

The Trials and Tribulations of Creating a New Market Space – The ECS Story

Being first to market in the industrial automation space is no easy task, and involves creating new vocabulary, redefining technology territories and communicating technical messages in an easy to understand manner.  Invensys faced this challenge head on In 2006 when they introduced InFusion ECS as the world’s first Enterprise Control System.  InFusion ECS was part of a Blue Ocean marketing strategy by Invensys, which means to create new market space or a “blue ocean”, thereby making the competition irrelevant. Although the launch was successful, trying to create a new market space in an engineering-driven market presented some very interesting challenges. Among the greatest challenges included:

  • driving a business value proposition in an technology-focused segment – a shift from product features to business solutions
  • overcoming the devaluation of the technology itself as a commodity and demonstrating the huge potential value of automation/information technology overall to the business;
  • driving a human empowerment theme in a market where automation replaces human power;
  • driving a collaboration between accounting and engineering, two functions that do not see eye to eye
  • showing the value of instrument and control engineering to an audience that has diminished those skill sets to a thing of the past;
  • sales channel disconnects;  and
  • market message targeting.

Dr. Martin will share the journey that Invensys took for the launch of InFusion ECS from a sales and marketing perspective.  He will expose the challenges, barriers and pitfalls and Invensys’ ongoing diligence and their continued persistence to overcome them and to thrive in a difficult industrial automation marketplace.

Watch a video of Dr. Peter Martin:

About Peter Martin, Ph.D.

Dr. Martin joined The Foxboro Company in the 1970’s and has worked in a variety of positions in training, engineering, product planning, marketing and strategic planning.  He left Foxboro to become Vice President at Intech Controls and also at Automation Research Corporation before returning to Invensys in 1996.  Since his return he had been VP of Marketing for Foxboro and Chief Marketing Officer for Invensys Manufacturing and Process Systems prior to moving into his current position.

He has authored numerous published articles and technical papers and has written two books: Bottom Line Automation and Dynamic Performance Management: The Pathway to World Class Manufacturing, coauthored Automation Made Easy and is a contributing author to A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge and Metrics that Matter.

Dr. Martin holds multiple patents including the patent for Dynamic Performance Measures, Real-Time Activity-Based Costing, Closed-loop business control, and Asset and Resource Modeling, which are the basis for Fortune recently naming him a Hero of U.S. Manufacturing.  He was also recently named as one of the 50 Most Influential Innovators of All Time by InTech magazine, as an Invensys Fellow and the Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Society of Automation (ISA).

Dr. Martin has BA and MS degrees in Mathematics and an MA degree in Administration and Management, a Master of Biblical Studies degree, a Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering, and a PhD in Biblical Studies.


Julie Fraser, Principal Analyst, Cambashi

Sales and Marketing on the Front Lines: Understanding and Delivering All that the Customer Values

In today’s connected and ultra-competitive environment, you need to understand not just what the customers want to buy, but how and why.  Customer 2.0 communicates, collects information, evaluates offerings and disseminates information differently and rapidly – and they are shopping for business outcomes, not always features and specifications. Some of the younger Customer 2.0 buyers do not have the experience to discern which offerings will deliver what they need, and they will believe anyone else more than the solution provider.  What does that mean for industrial automation marketing and sales teams?  That you need to understand your buyers and their habits, and discover what they are saying about your company and products, your competitors, and your partners.  In the ideal world, you engage a multi-disciplinary team, then segment your markets and evaluate the multiple facets of what a each customer group values and how they buy.  Beyond getting the messaging right, as the team out on the front lines, you must also spur activities that craft company-wide and eco-system-wide strategies for how to deliver that value effectively.  It could be daunting, or it could give you a new perspective that helps boost your success.

The audience will learn:

  • How to improve planning by viewing market opportunities through more than one lens
  • How Sales and Marketing can work together more effectively
  • How an even broader team approach can better assess and describe what customers value
  • What content you need for your on-line interactions to be fruitful

About Julie Fraser

Julie has 25 years experience as a manufacturing systems industry advisor, marketer, speaker and consultant. She is one of the world’s leading authorities on production plant software or MES.  Fraser is President of US operations for Cambashi. Prior to joining Cambashi, Fraser ran the manufacturing applications focused analyst firm Industry Directions, and was VP Marketing for Baan Supply Chain Solutions, Senior Analyst on Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Integration at AMR, and editor-in-chief of the CIM Strategies newsletter.  Fraser writes a regular column for Managing Automation magazine, and is quoted frequently in other publications.

Her BA is from Lawrence University in Wisconsin. Fraser is an active member of MESA International, a member of APICS, and Phi Beta Kappa.


Dan Miklovic, Senior Research Advsor, Chief of Research, Sustainable Collaborations Group

Nobody Buys Technology

Hybrid Synergy Drive, Brightest & Sharpest Display, Fastest Temperature Response: With marketing taglines like these it is clear industry believes in selling technology.  But the simple fact is that while vendors, whether selling to consumers or other businesses, love to sell technology buyers are buying it.  Numerous examples of successful companies and products clearly show that technology is not what sells – it merely is what enables the sale.  Nobody buys technology – they buy results.

About Dan Miklovic

Dan Miklovic is the Senior Research Advisor at Sustainable Collaborations Group (where he has also served as Chief of Research) and the principal analyst at Lean Manufacturing Research, a firm he founded in 2009. Prior to that he was at Gartner Group for 15 years where he served as Managing Vice President in the Industries Advisory Service where he led Gartner’s manufacturing research team.  Prior to joining Gartner, he had more than 20 years of industry experience with companies such as Emerson Electric, Mallinckrodt Chemical, Weyerhaeuser and Scott Paper, as well as with several consulting companies and software supplier Aspen Technology. In addition, Mr. Miklovic was an adjunct faculty member of Central Washington University for 16 years and currently serves on the advisory board for ITT Technical Institute in St. Louis, Missouri where he resides.

Mr. Miklovic holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri, an MS in Management from the University of Southern California, and is a Certified Manufacturing Engineer in the field of manufacturing systems management and a Certified Lean Sensei. He is a Fellow of the Industrial Computing Society, past leader in ISA, TAPPI, and SME and is an industry expert appearing on televisions 21st Century Business ( He is a much published author and frequent speaker sought after by industry for his advice in formulating manufacturing business strategies for global competitiveness.

The Infamous Dick Morley

Knowing where you are does not tell you where you are going

Dick Morley and Bruce Bower will discuss the New Hampshire view of Marketing & Sales.  Covered will be the philosophy, mathematics and sociology summary of this conference.  We will, over desert, tell stories about black swans, group statistics, mountain tops and Lady Gaga.The summary will be about money, your comfort zone and top down thinking.

Coffee helps the medicine go down.

Dick will be also holding court for a Fireside Chat on Thursday evening in lieu of the scheduled Budweiser Tour.  He will also be delivering the closing keynote on Friday afternoon.


About Dick Morley

If you have gotten this far, congratulations.  These official bios tell you little about me.  I am balding, overweight and handicapped.  A work-alcoholic and a geek with a good sense of humor.  MIT suggests that I “am not as smart as I think I am”.  Most of my presentations give the listener some smiles.  And fear not, questions from the audience are tolerated. My bride of 55 years owns a house near the barn.  That’s where I sleep.

A recommendation – have several cups of coffee before listening to anything I have to say.

Richard E. Morley, best known as the father of the programmable controller, is a visionary in the field of advanced technological development. Mr. Morley holds more than twenty United States and foreign patents, including the parallel inference machine, hand-held terminal, floppy disk,  motors, personal rapid transit, and the programmable logic controller.

He is an pioneer in the areas of computer design, artificial intelligence, automation and futurism. He lives on a farm and works out of his barn in New Hampshire and has been home to more than two dozen foster children. Search for Dick on Google and Wikipedia using [ “dick morley” ] as the search address. For more information, see <>